Hosting a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

It’s your turn to host Thanksgiving in your home and you’re freaking out.  Well, no need.  With these simple tips on creating a stress-free Thanksgiving, it will be easy as pie, pumpkin pie that is. 


Now what you’ve got here is a basic checklist that starts with creating the guest list, purchasing the right size turkey, all the way to selecting the perfect centerpiece for your table.


If you follow these simple steps, come Thanksgiving Day, you’ll find yourself taking in the holiday spirit as you enjoy great food and fun with your loved ones.

Follow these smart and easy tips and you are sure to have a stress-free day.

Three weeks ahead…

  • Create your guest list of friends and family.

  • Send out the invitations – remember to ask what people are planning to bring.

  • Once you’ve got an idea of how many are coming and what is being brought, take inventory of dishes, glasses, silverware, serving platters, etc.  Remember…it doesn’t have to match.

  • Order your Thanksgiving centerpiece for your table.

Two weeks ahead…

  • Finalize the menu, remember, who’s bringing what.

  • Shop for all non-perishables

  • Purchase your turkey, allow 3/4 pound per person (If frozen, make sure there’s room in your freezer otherwise wait until the week of)

The week of…

  • If you’ve purchased a frozen turkey, make room in the refrigerator for it.  Make sure to use a large pan to set it in as it thaws.  You should allow 1 day of thaw time per every 4 pounds of bird.  For example, a 12-pound turkey will need 3 days to thaw.

  • Purchase needed perishables for recipes and such.

  • Pick up the yard. Clean the house.

  • Add some Thanksgiving Flowers to reel in the Thanksgiving holiday even more.

  • 3 days before – set up your beverage area, cups, ice bucket, bottle opener, a wine key.  Decorating with a simple holiday floral piece will add class to that space.

  • 2 days before – Make or purchase your desserts

  • 1 day before – prepare any side dishes that can be held overnight. You know, like cranberries, sweet potatoes.

  • Cut and chop all ingredients for salads but do not toss until the day of.

Thanksgiving Day

  • Get that bird in the oven, roasting 12-15 minutes per pound at 350 degrees F.   Plan for the turkey to be done one hour before dinner time so it has time to sit and cool a bit.

  • set out all dishes and utensils

  • Chill the beverages

  • Admire the gorgeous Autumn Centerpiece and the table you’ve created for your Stress-Free Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with your family and friends.

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Sophisticated Florals, Wild Accents


Some Compelling Reasons Your Business Needs to be Online

If your business is not online and digital, a lot of opportunities are slipping right past you. 


I’m sure you know that for a business to thrive, it needs an online presence. With 30% of mobile device users regularly visiting social media sites, it’s easy to understand the need for your business to have an online presence.


Every day, more and more consumers go online in search of products and services. They want to do their homework and research before making a commitment or purchasing decision, according to a report by Altagamma-McKinsey Online Observatory.  


20% of online and in-store sales are through online marketing. And, digital marketing generates a $12.5 billion optimal profit with the potential to grow as technology continues to evolve.


Research shows 79% of consumers follow brands they learn about through social media, while 89% use Google to search out products and services. And, in the eye of consumers, if your product or service is not there, it doesn’t exist.


An online presence offers you a clear-cut path to learning who your target market is while gauging their numbers and demographics by the number of visits to your website. That opens a competitive position in reaching your target market with ease and speed.


Having the ability to stay at the forefront of your customer’s minds and making sure your potential customers are happy is key to the growth of your business. Going digital provides your business with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, and display advertising, also known as content marketing. With digital marketing, your potential customers can make well-informed choices that lead to confident and satisfying decisions.


So, let’s talk business expenses. By going digital, you extend the long and wide reach to your target audience. And you do this while cutting down on business expenses, removing the tired and tedious way of doing things like paperwork, faxes, and filing cabinets. With an online presence streamlining your work and driving down business expenses is a more viable reality.  


And going digital means your work can be stored in your computer, backed up on an external hard drive, and online. Today there are several computer applications and software available to assist with keeping your business on track. And these applications are much more user-friendly than those in the past. 


Can you think of a business today that doesn’t have a website, blog, or presence on social media? 

All over the world, Businesses are in the know about digital marketing and its future. So now you are too. 






Working From Home: An Easy-to-Follow Guide

While you may think that florists simply place flowers in a vase, nothing could be further from the truth. Our designers are professional artisans who work with texture, color, and style to make each bouquet or arrangement a work of art. We love incorporating organic wild elements such as curly willow, bamboo, hypericum berries, and mosses – all of which elevate flowers from beautiful to amazing! If you have a fall occasion that requires a truly special gift, trust the experts at Griffin’s Floral Design to provide something spectacular.

Are your tastes discerning and sophisticated?  Do you enjoy the artistic and the unusual?  Then our Luxury Collection is just your style.  Exotic flowers, wild accents, and creative design result in pieces that are strikingly unique. In these examples, we have combined lotus pods, dramatic willow branches, varied grasses, and greenery with delicate orchids for a luxurious aesthetic you won’t see at any other Columbus area flower shop. In fact, we will create a custom design just for you.

Utilizing diverse elements and wild accents in unexpected ways, we can deliver the most exotic arrangements you can imagine. Succulents, kale leaves, foliage, and seasonal gourds each do their part to add just the right ambiance or aesthetic to the design. You can be assured that if your loved one received one of our creations, they will be delighted and amazed.

In Columbus, Pataskala, New Albany, and Newark, Griffin’s Floral Design is the call to make for all of your special occasions. After all, anyone can put flowers in a vase. But we have floral design right in our name.

Scene Writing Sample #1


Overcast sky. Dark and ominous.

We see a dirty sidewalk.

From the far end of the street, we see the figure of a person walking towards us.

It's a girl, 16 or 17. She has torn jeans, old shoes, and
she wears an oversized coat with a hood.

She keeps the hood on her head.

She walks aimlessly like she's got nowhere to go.

Everything moves in slow-motion.

Across the street from her three guys, 18 - 22 appear from
nowhere. They walk in unison. They look homeless.

The girl notices them but keeps her head down, sheltered by
the hood of her coat.

At the center of the sidewalk, the three guys stop walking
and stare forward.

The moment the girl is directly across from them, they turn
and watch her as she strides forward.

She hesitates in her steps for a second but then pushes
forward, at a faster pace.

Her eyes glide to the side to get a look at those guys.

They continue to stand and watch her. Not moving a muscle.

Unnerved, she starts to chew on her short fingernails, covered in black, chipped nail polish.

She gets to the end of the sidewalk and chances a look back.

They're gone.
Her eyes search the entire street- there's no sign of them.

Scene Writing Sample #2


Steven walks Rebecca to her front door.

She fidgets with her keys. She's nervous.

I had a nice time tonight.

Me too Becca.

Rebecca looks at her feet.

Steven steps closer to her. She looks up at him.

He leans in to kiss her. She giggles nervously. He smiles.

He goes in for a second try and she laughs.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

He politely lets her get it together.

He tries again. She laughs again. This amuses him.

It's just that- Well it's been a while.

Steven pulls her into him and kisses her.

She melts into him.

Do you want to come in?


They kiss again.

Which is why I have to leave now.

Rebecca blinks back her sudden disappointment.

Do you work from home? Is productivity sometimes an issue for you? Would you like a solid guide to help keep your Work at Home hours efficient and productive? Great, read on.


Straight off the bat, treat your work-at-home job as if you are going into an office outside your home. There you will be accountable for showing up on time and taking care of the necessary work to be done. Simply put, treat your home office in the same professional manner you would treat the office away from your home office.


Here is a list of well-thought-out suggestions made to create a professional work environment at home, along with ways to stay productive throughout your workday.


  1. Use a planner. At the end of each week, take some time to plan out the week ahead. Schedule your morning routine, your work hours, breaks, appointments, along with any other crucial information needed to create a successful work week.

  2. Create a morning ritual for yourself. Don’t hit that snooze button. Set your alarm to a realistic time you plan to be up. When you get out of bed, make your bed to lessen the temptation to climb back in under those covers. Get your morning exercise in, clean up, have your morning coffee and breakfast and show up for your job on time.

  3. Create your work area. Just like going into an office, create a designated work environment inside your home that you can go to and settle in for some productive time. Whether it is an actual home office, a spot at the kitchen counter, or a small desk in your living room, make it yours.

  4. Keep out the clutter. Keeping your work area organized and free from clutter will improve your productivity. Have only the necessary tools needed for you to get through your business day with minimal distraction.  

  5. Work the allotted hours you have scheduled for yourself. If you create a work schedule for eight a.m. to five p.m., make sure you work within that scheduled time.

  6. Take your breaks. Avoid burnout and frustration by scheduling breaks every couple of hours to step away from your desk. Get a snack, have lunch, take a ten-minute walk. Take your breaks. You and your work will be better for it.

  7. Quit when it’s quitting time. When you’re nearing the end of your workday, take a few minutes to wrap up the work, plan out your schedule for tomorrow’s workday, shut everything down, and walk away.

I know it seems like this is a lot to do to work successfully. And you may be worried that the suggestions may be too rigid and therefore crush your creativity. The truth is, these steps laid out for you will simplify your daily routine. And, best of all, with an easy-to-follow schedule, you are free to be as creative as you’d like, therefore completing a more results-oriented day and a more relaxed evening.

Does Motivation Elude you?

Scene Writing Sample #3

CHOKING ON DEATH, an Original Screenplay by Roberta Griffin


Lexi sits petrified.

The sound of this thing is high-pitched, insect-like, and evil and it's moving towards her.

She's defenseless and broken and she knows this.
She screams and cries out.

Somebody help me. Please.

Then she sees it.

That face, the one in the mirror from so long ago.

But, it's connected to a tall, emaciated body with overly long arms and legs.

It has long, bony fingers with long, jagged fingernails.

Her eyes bulge with maddening fear and shock at what's she's seeing.  She can barely form words.


It grins at her. It seems to be enjoying her torment.

She's on the edge of hysteria.

It drops to its hands and feet and begins to crawl tormentingly slow towards her, like a spider to its catch.

It's savoring every moment, devouring her fear.

It hums a cheery yet sinister tune.

Lexi can't turn away from the horrific sight.

It grins and black ooze drips from its long, jagged teeth.

It stops just in front of Lexi.  It watches her like it's studying her.

All Lexi can do is sit frozen with fear and cry.

Please, God.

It reaches out for her.

She's becoming unhinged with terror.

It laughs. It's intelligent.

It pets her head- then, it pulls her up by her...

At one time or another, we have found it hard to get motivated and to keep motivated. You look around, and it feels like everyone else is on their game. You ponder over how others stay motivated enough to follow through on their goals. Worry no more, here are some tips and tricks to keep that motivation engine running.


Tackle procrastination head-on.

No excuses, rationalizing, or delaying.  

Put your goals in writing and place them where you can see them


First of all, attitude is everything. 

Positive self-talk creates optimism and optimistic people tend to be more productive than their counterparts. That's because optimism = the belief that you can and will accomplish your goals.


Stop worrying about what you have no control over.

Zig Ziglar’s book Born to Win, speaks on the need to not worry so much about what you can’t control. Remember we can only control how we plan and prepare to meet our goals.


Be specific when choosing your goals.

Know what it is you want to accomplish and why.


Break down the timeline of your goals.  

Create smaller goals that will lead to the fulfillment of your big goals.


Don’t compare the success of others to your own

That will only cause you resentment and unneeded negativity.


You are the company you keep.

Be with like-minded people. Winners beget winners.


Make a plan.

Create a map for yourself that will lead to you reaching your goal.


Prioritize your time.

Most people are more productive in the mornings. Plan out your work schedule the night before so you know what needs your attention first.


Don't underestimate a deadline.  

Make one and live up to it.


Get rid of distractions.

Create the perfect environment to work in and stay in the zone.


Visualize your success.

Create a clear vision and make it a good one, go big.


And, reward yourself for small goals accomplished that lead to the accomplishment of your big goals.

Work From Home
Woman on her Phone