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Here's just a little bit about me.  I'm pretty easy-going yet diligent. I really have a passion and lots of enthusiasm for helping others with their successes.  I always keep in mind time crunches and deadlines, and I treat my clients the way I treat my freelance career.  And that is with an open mind, respect, and value. 

I have real-life experience with-

  • Life skills

  • Health - Both mental and physical

  • Nutrition

  • Being a full-time working mom.

I can promise you will never find another writer like me.

My Story

Back in high school, a teacher told me that I would never make it as a writer. I took those words to heart and for years spent my life working low-paying jobs and eventually raising two children on my own. Later in life, I realized another person's opinion of you does not make it your reality. So, I did something about it. I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a writer. Also, I felt I needed to be an example for my children. I couldn’t tell them to chase their dreams when I was doing nothing about mine. 


I started writing screenplays which I still do today and enjoy very much. Then I became a ghostwriter and have had the pleasure of writing some interesting stories about the lives of others. I am a full-time professional writer. Take that my high-school teacher from years ago. 


As a creative writer, I stay true to the crucial importance of professional writing with attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO). I do this by constructing words and semantics that will grab and hold the attention of your readers and Google. And that means the potential for more traffic to your site along with a higher conversion rate. That’s great news!


Most of my knowledge has come from real-life experience along with study and education. 


My experience and knowledge pertain mostly to…

  • Life skills – budgeting, family issues, and growth

  • Health – both mental and physical

  • Nutrition

  • Being a full-time working mom


I know that there are plenty of freelance writers out there, but I also know you would be hard-pressed to find another that writes like me. I am looking forward to the opportunity to assist in your success.